An History Of Growth

At the origin, in 1977, Tecnopolimeri was created as a subsidiary of a compounder
with the aim to market special technical compounds, mainly for the automotive industry.

Later the Company has diversified into the production of special compounds for
bitumen modification mainly for roofing production.

The presence on these market obliged Tecnopolimeri to operate at global level
and to acquire a technical oriented approach to the market.

As a consequence, Tecnopolimeri had the opportunity to develop successfully
trading activity mainly of synthetic rubbers, selected plastic polymers and chemicals.

Over the years Tecnopolimeri has developed selected technical and commercial connections with some of the major petrochemical companies especially in
Eastern Europe and Asia.

In addition to the Headquarter in the neighbourhood of Milan, Tecnopolimeri
established two branch offices, in Russia and in China and local agents are also
selectively used by Tecnopolimeri to cover other geographical
important areas.

Sede legale: Via Solferino, 10 20831 - Seregno (MB) - Tribunale di Monza - 24209
P.IVA IT00678290966 - Cap. Soc. 10.000.000 Euro, i.v.